“Witch-Huh?” “Sea-What?” – Four Subgenres Finding Their Place in Pop

With the rise of the internet and changes to just how music is shared digitally, subgenres within music, that would have remained hidden outside of a select few fans, are now slowly starting to influence what could be considered one of the most mainstream products in music – pop. From being used by Top 40-producers, to being sampled on mixtapes by rising rap hopefuls, pop is entering one of the most diverse-sounding eras it has ever been through.

01. “Witch House” 

Witch-House takes the chopped and screw style within hip-hop and combines it with the darker elements of ‘dream-pop’. For many songs, ‘nightmare-pop’ may be a more appropriate name, but witch-house has made recent waves within the pop genre. Female artist Grimes, above, combines many DJ techniques and underground elements of house music to create a sound that is uniquely her’s. Even Oakland-born rapper Kreayshawn has several reportedly witch-house influenced tracks on her debut album Somethin ‘Bout ‘Kreay, out September 18th.

02. “Seapunk”

Just as it sounds, ‘seapunk’ imagery is punk visuals from the 1980s, influenced by noticul themes, with hues of blue, pink and purples present in the work. The sound is also extremely influenced by the SNES-based chippytune style of music. Someone like Unicorn Kid, featured above with his new single ‘Need U’, has an aesthetic of a J-Pop style foam rave within the depths of the Tokyo underground.

03. “Dubstep”

Probably the most-known subgenre of the bunch, Dubstep found its roots with UK-based acts like Katy B, crossing over into the US when pop acts like Britney Spears recently incorporated it into their songs with the help of f mega-producer Dr.Luke. The most recent and interesting offering of dubstep-pop comes from singer Marina & The Diamonds, with the first single off her Electra Heart project, “Primadonna”.

04. “Moombahton”

Falling somewhere in the middle of a line with such diverse ends as house music and reggaeton, Moombahton is a mixture of the two that aims to capture a late 90s essence. Rising Interscope-artist, Azealia Banks, recently incorporated the style into the track “Esta Noche,” which samples a Montell Jordan track and acts as the first singler off her debut mixtape Fantasea

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