For Your Information, Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” is Amazing

Sky Ferreira has had a fair share of twists and turns with her debut album – possibly entering its second incarnation after Ferreira’s debut EP As If!, though brilliant in every sense of the words “SUPER POP!”, failed to garner commercial success – leaving behind the poppy tunes produced by Bloodshy & Avant in turn for moody ballads and grunge jams produced by the likes of Greg Kurstin and Jon Brion.

Two other people connected to the project are Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange and the man behind Usher’s hit “Climax”, Ariel Rechtshaid. Ferreira and Rechtshaid already touched on musical perfection with the leaked “Lost In My Bedroom” track, but take the shoegaze and dream-pop spectacle to a new place with “Everything Is Embarrassing”, below, off Ferreira’s newest EP Ghost, out October 2nd via EMI.

What makes a track like “Everything Is Embarrassing” so amazing is that way it captures a certain kind of melancholy that only a late 1980’s high school dancefloor could offer. The geek did not get the girl, the girl did not have a special moment in the last minutes of her 16th birthday, and the kids did not one-up the strict high school principal. The way Ferreira coos, “Could have been my anything, now everything’s embarrassing” sums up the entirety of teen angst and disappointment in a just a way that’s also extremely danceable.

Ferreira has made it clear that “Everything Is Embarrassing” is not going to be on her debut album, now titled I’m Not Alright, and is exclusive to the Ghost EP. She also clears up that the track features Blood Orange and is more of a collaboration between the two.

Currently, there is no word on whether or not “Everything Is Embarrassing” is a single, though there seems to be some confirmation via Ferreira’s twitter account that some type of single is coming at sometime to promote the EP, so we’ll wait and see. Ghost is out on October 2nd through EMI.


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