Ten Lyrical Gems From P!nk’s New Album “The Truth About Love”

Usually, by the time you’ve come to your sixth studio album as a pop artist, you understand how a classic pop song should go – from the production, the melodies, the lyrics, etc. This kind of systematic pop creating could lead to albums sounding repetitive, but P!nk, whose sixth album The Truth About Love is out tomorrow, September 18th, has been able to offer consistently fresh spins on the formula of pop, offering big party anthems and heart-wrenching ballads in a way only P!nk could.

There’s a lot to listen to on The Truth About Love. The standard edition comes with thirteen tracks, the deluxe edition offers four more, and the iTunes version offers another two more exclusive tracks. Across all nineteen tracks, there’s plenty of lyrical pop gems – something P!nk has been consistent in offering, along with amazing vocal delivery – and, so, here’s a comprehensive list of the top ten lyrical moments from TTAL.

1. I think that life’s too short for this / Want back my ignorance and bliss / I think I’ve had enough of this / Blow me one last kiss – “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” 

The lead single from The Truth About Love offers tons of tongue-in-cheek quips, but just the way the above hook flows makes you want to blast the song while driving down the road and scream along.

2. There’s a waltz playing frozen in time / Blades of grass on, tiny bare feet / I look at you and you’re looking at me / Could you beam me up? / Give me a minute, I don’t know what I’d say in it / Probably just stare / Happy just to be there, holding your face – “Beam Me Up” 

And just as good as P!nk can be having fun, the quality remains when she gets serious. “Beam Me Up” is reportedly about a miscarriage she had when trying to become pregnant, later succeeding and giving birth to her daughter Willow in 2011.

3. “I’m not a slut! I just love love!” – “Slut Like You” 

Short yet effective. Simple yet catchy. The intro to the track automatically gets you pumped.

4. Last night’s bubblegum / No more bubbles, no more yum / Where’d I get the wristband? / Tell me there’s no trampstamp / One, two, three, shoot / No, I know this shit ain’t cute / But damnit man, this sure is fun / Party till the sun wakes up – “Walk Of Shame” 

One of the best songs on the album, “Walk Of Shame” is P!nk at her best. Messy yet self-aware – the song to capture the post-one night stand feelings. “Make the elevator come a little faster!”

5. The truth about love is it’s blood and it’s guts / Purebreds and mutts / Sandwiches without the crust / It takes your breathe ’cause it leaves a scar / But those untouched never got, never got very far.
“The Truth About Love” 

The title track has a bluesy rock feeling to it, making the lyrics feel more alluring than anything.

6. And the moment you let go, the faster the time goes / The darker the night is, the lighter the moon glows / These are the good old days – “Good Old Days” (Deluxe Bonus Track) 

The hand-claps make it feel very floaty and cheery, but the lyrics are powerful in a subtle way. “Thought I knew about love / I only knew about the fight” is another classic lyric.

7. I’m sorry, I don’t understand where all of this is coming from / Ithought that we were fine (Oh, we had everything) / Your head is running wild again / My dear we still have everythin’ / And it’s all in your mind – “Just Give Me A Reason 

Done with Nate Ruess of the band fun., “Just Give Me A Reason” is an album highlight that depicts the falling out of a relationship and the desire from both parties to keep it together, dealing with reality in different ways.

8. I’ve heard some rumors about another girl / I heard she’s cute, but she stores nuts like a squirrel – “How Come You’re Not Here” 

Captures the overall sass of P!nk previously found in the 2006 hit “Stupid Girls”. She goes on to say how sad it’ll be with the girl with the squirrel like habits ends up getting carded for beer.

9. So take it, take this / Oh, you can have all of me / Take it, take this / Here, you can have everything / I don’t wanna be flawless / When I go, I want the cuts to show / So take it, take this / Oh, you can have all of me / Take it, take this / Oh, f–k it, have everything – “Timebomb” (iTunes Bonus Track) 

Such a shame this is restricted to the iTunes version, as “Timebomb”, which reportedly features one-year-old daughter Willow on drums, captures the frenzy that can go on inside the head of an emotional artist like P!nk.

10. So, rah, rah, rah, sis, boom, fuckin’ blah! / There’s a party in your honour, but you won’t be there – whatever! – “The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive” 

This one might be a bit harder to find. It’s not one of the nineteen previously mentioned songs. It was a b-side to the “Blow Me” single and is apparently a Japanese-version exclusive bonus track, so might as well just enjoy the hard-hitting hook (I mean, how perfect is it?) right here.

Overall, the album is everything you expect from a P!nk album: it’s fun, it’s serious, it’s empowering, it’s heartbreaking and it’s, most importantly, also very catchy. The Truth About Love hits stores and online retailers September 18th.

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