Here’s A Playlist of Awesome Songs for The Month of October (They’re Great, I Promise)

Let’s get this out of the way, right now – I don’t usually ‘do’ playlists. I used to have a hard time understanding the point of them. I can’t just toss songs I like together. Everything needs to have some kind of flow to it – the picture needs to be looked at as a whole, if you will, so I tried to make a playlist like that. One that flowed. One that felt more like an album tracklisting than just someone’s favorite songs in a list.

I also had some difficulty, as I usually am constantly finding new songs, so I tried to keep the playlist to songs that were mainly released recently. That also ties into the time of this blog too, no? I want people to keep an eye out for new music, so why don’t I help them with that? Give them a list of some of the best (and my favorite) new songs out right now?

This sparked the idea of doing monthly playlists. For example, the ‘October Playlist’ (this) would come out near the end of September. This is what this is. When October is coming to an end, a playlist for the month of November would be posted, so I sat down and got to work.

No, literally – I sat down. Well, now you also know what my apartment’s living room looks like. Awkward, but just imagine being me now and going through your favorite recent songs and trying to make some kind of understandable musical picture from puzzle pieces that weren’t even made to fit together.

It’s also harder due to the amount of music I have. On my laptop, it currently sits at 12+ GBs of music – roughly 3300+ songs. Though I do know a ton of people with full external hard drives of just music, so I’m not too bad.

(I know, I’m not Team Apple, it sucks. I’m sorry, but my Dell and I have been through so much that it has a place in my heart, though the idea of having to transfer all my music gives me a headache and makes me reluctant to upgrade) – I also took the music videos – for the songs that have them – into mind because I think the videos could help in understanding the overall vibe and musical aesthetic that a song has, which helps in trying to fit the aesthetics of several songs.

SIDENOTE: Check out the sci-fi inspired video for The Veronicas’ ‘Lolita’ here too. It’s amazing. Totally random, but brilliant.

And for those who don’t appreciate my Dadaism-inspired photograph of the playlist, or just had a hard time reading it from an obscure photographed angle, here it is in written list form.

01. Charli XCX – Dreams Money Can Buy
02. Kreayshawn – BFF (Best Friend)
03. DJ White Shadow – Cake Like Lady Gaga
04. Clayton Hawkins – 1nternet Friends
05. Azealia Banks – Atlantis
06. Jessie & The Toy Boys – On With My Bad Self
07. Kelis – Distance
08. The Veronicas – Lolita
09. Dangerous Muse – I Can’t Help It
10. Wynter Gordon – TKO ft. The Oxymorons
11. ChristianTV – Acid
12. Natalia Kills – Controversy
13. Sky Ferreira – Everything Is Embarrassing
14. The Veronicas – Did You Miss Me?

I want to do these monthly, so let me know what you think of the songs in the comments.

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  1. Professor D's J-School

    Great job with the blog!

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