Lady Gaga Has A Controversial New Rap Song, “Cake Like Lady Gaga” (And It’s Brilliant Too)

Lady Gaga in what she calls her “burqa swag”.

Would you believe someone if they told you that there was a new Lady Gaga song out that featured the young artist rapping about her love for marijuana and that it included lyrics like:

“I’ll mop you all across the floor / Snatch your [explicit] weave out, [explict] / In front of paparazzi / Singing ‘Paparazzi’ in this [explicit]!”

A track that’s found its way to the internet may or may not be Lady Gaga. Chances are, though, that it is, and those chances mean good things, as the track itself is a lo-fi, “trap-inspired” rap tune that sees the “Born This Way”-singer taking on a new side to how her music sounds, trading in the kitsch synth-pop for harder trap beats and a chiller flow (which she raps on).

The tune, titled “Cake Like Lady Gaga”, found its way to the internet when Lady Gaga’s producer DJ White Shadow – also known as Paul Blair and rumored to be  the male voice on the track – posted an instrumental to his Soundcloud account and told Lady Gaga’s “little monsters” to send in lyrics for a competition. In short, a mysterious winner won and didn’t want their identity revealed. The song was put up in a 4:10 length version, but a fan messed with the pitch to reveal a version, below, that shockingly sounds as if it is Gaga herself rapping in the song.

Reactions to the song have been mixed from just slight confusion to excitement at the thought of any kind of new material with Lady Gaga’s fourth studio album ARTPOP still far off in the distance, holding an unspecified 2013 release date. As with anything concerning Gaga in the last year or two, most actions by the young singer are soon followed by talks of controversy.

There are two valid criticisms of the song though:

Would Gaga’s littlest of Little Monsters even be allowed to listen to a song like “Cake”?

Having placed herself as a role model for the lost youth of today, even being a face in many recent LGBT causes and having created her own charity in the form of the Born This Way Foundation, some feel as though Lady Gaga’s choice of language is extremely inappropriate for young listeners.

The issue of content has raised some eyebrows of parents’ too, as the singer has, along with the new track, taken to her Twitter account and own social networking site,, to promote what she believes to be the spiritual benefits of smoking marijuana.

But, truthfully, are lyrics like “I roll all that good —-, you rolling on that Reggie Bush”, referring to smoking different kinds of marijuana, any different from some songs on her last album, Born This Way, in terms of appropriateness? Her last album saw her creating songs like “Government Hooker” (“I can be Mom, unless you want to be Dad”) and “Scheisse”, which is the German-word for “shit”. The former was incorporated into her own ad for last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, below.

The second criticism of the song involves whether or not Gaga is inappropriately crossing religious and cultural boundaries by wearing and referencing a piece of clothing like a burqa. In the song, itself, the controversial lyrics go:

“[Explicit] the world, I’m Lady Gaga / Run the world like Lady Gaga / Phantom pearl like Lady Gaga / Burqa swag like Lady Gaga”

Some have said this is a form of cultural appropriation, feeling as though Lady Gaga, being a Italian-American, is not from a cultural that would make her informed and understanding of the societal importance a piece of clothing like a burqa has to Muslim and Middle Eastern people.

Other comments take note of the white privilege a Caucasian person would display by being able to wear a piece of clothing, like a burqa, without having to face any of the stereotypes or problems and altercations that someone, who would “stereotypically” wear a burqa, may face, especially in a post-9/11 America. Fashionism recently covered these issues in greater detail here.

Despite all the controversy though, there’s something arguably exciting about a song like “Cake Like Lady Gaga’. Maybe it is that the prospect of any new sound being placed into American Top 40 music is a refreshing bit of news, especially when the current sound of 2012 has been the dominating dance jams by people like David Guetta and Dr.Luke.

Everything sounds like a song you’d hear in Ibiza, so “Cake” brings the excitement to a new level, like when Gaga had announced she be working with a track for upcoming rapper Kendrick Lamar, who made recent waves with his song “Swimming Pools”, which can be listened to below.

The track between Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar for his debut, good kid, m.A.A.d city [sic], out October 22nd, is reportedly called “PARTYNAUSEOUS”, and, according to early reviews of the album, features Gaga rapping. Another newcomer Gaga has teamed up with is Azealia Banks on a rumored duet called “Ratchet”, possibly for either of the musicians new albums.

Either way, no matter what comes from all this recent infusion of two very different worlds – that of pop music and hip hop – it’s exciting just to seem some change shaking up a very monopolized and very stagnant musical scene. And, as said in the very title of the post, “Cake Like Lady Gaga” is actually really, really brilliant.

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