Is “Gangnam Style” Here To Stay? PSY Nears Top Of Hot 100 With Viral Song Sensation

It’s been a meme, it’s been a top Youtube search, it’s been a viral media sensation, and now the song that has us all singing ‘Hey, sexy lady!’ is transitioning into real commercial success.

I’ve blogged about “Gangnam Style” and PSY before, and what the effects of him hitting the top of the charts could mean for acts from Asian markets that are usually ignored by the US, like that of Korea and Japan, and now, with every new purchase on iTunes, the reality of a fuller represntation for Asian artists because a more tangiable reality.

In the last week, he sat at the top spot on iTunes – across most of the 35 main international stores, ranging from America, the UK, Japan and even places like Germany and Australia – and was gaining steady updates on Top 40 radio. This had resulted in “Gangam Style” charting at #2 this week, just behind Maroon 5’s latest offering, becoming the highest charting song by a Korean artist in the US.

There are some people who doubt that PSY will hit the top spot. He has already peaked on iTunes, sitting behind both of Taylor Swift and One Director’s latest singles at #3 and some deem the hype to be “over”. Still though, there’s still a chance for PSY to hit the #1 spot, making “Gangam Style” the first #1 by a Korean artist. Share your thoughts via the poll below.

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