October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, As You May (Or Probably Do Not) Know.

For many, the struggles of life are hard enough as it is with a caring and supportive family unity in place. When adding issues of abuse and violence into the home, many find it difficult to cope with domestic violence. Even many musical artists have recorded songs about the issues of domestic violence, like that of Christina Aguilera, whose father put her and her mother through turmoil with the physical, emotional and mental abuse they had to endure before Christina’s mother took a brave step and left her husband for her and her daughter’s sake.

Now, another Latina with such a story is that of Sofia De Pierola, a 21 year old college student, who experienced a horrific example of domestic violence when she was just three years old and her father surprised her and her mother at her home and attacked them with a baseball bat. In honor of awareness for Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to raise awareness for an issue that is often ignored out of fear and silence, this is how De Pierola hopes to inspire others.

Please watch the video and share any experiences you’ve had or know of regarding domestic violence or any ideas you have regarding how to many Domestic Violence Awareness Month more of a known happening within the month of October.

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