Marina & The Diamonds Takes Back The Power With New “How To Be A Heartbreaker” Video

Marina & The Diamonds sits cheerfully as a male model paints her nails in new video.

Throughout the history of time, women have often overtly expressed their sexuality in order to feel free from oppression and the thought that women must follow the ideal of the pure virgin. Even the beginnings of religion, like that of Christianity, have refused to recognize women as sexual beings, which sets up the opposing imagery of the rise of the virgin and the fall of the whore.

These expressions of female sexuality have been the fuel behind important times in modern history like the women’s movement and forces of feminism in music like the riot grrrl scene.

For the singer Marina & The Diamonds – yes, she’s just one female singer and not a band – she explores these themes observed in her latest album Electra Heart and most recently in the video for her new single, “How To Be A Heartbreaker”, which you can see below.

Here’s a quick summary of what Electra Heart aims to do: For the first several videos of her album campaign, and in the album artwork and imagery itself, she explores objectifying models – or archetypes – of women within history and media. Whether she is the homewrecker, primadonna, or teen ‘idle’ – a play on idol – she explores what it means to be a woman and what history has told her a woman is.

With her new video, she has said she’s turned Electra Heart, the character, into something “EVOL” and turning the concept of love on its head. She turns the tables and spends almost four minutes objectifying men, being the one in control and being the powerful and dominant figure. All with a smirk of, “How does it feel?”.

“How To Be A Heartbreaker” will be released as a single later in the United States according to Marina’s record label.

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