Boeing Boeing takes off at Saint Peter’s University – Behind The Scenes

Despite the issues involving Hurricane Sandy turning the area of New Jersey and New York into a blackout of isolation, Argus Eyes Drama Society, the student-run theatre group at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, have dealt with rain, wind and thunder to help their production of Boeing Boeing take flight. With help of director Alex Perez, who previously worked with the student group on their production of Hairspray in the spring, the students of Saint Peter’s have come together and made the most an unfortunate situation. Blake Boles, a former army veteran, is cast as the lead role in the form of Bernard, the groovy playboy architect who balances flying around the world, penthouse-to-penthouse, and making sure that none of his three fiancés ever find out about each other. From there, the play explores avenues of romance, deceit, relationships, and all around provocative and salacious humor, making the most of innuendo to create a humorous and vivacious experience for the audience to view. The shown ran at Saint Peter’s University from November 14th to the 17th to rave reviews by the college community and those in the surrounding area. As costumer and Saint Peter’s alumnus Melanie McBride says, such great performances can only further contribute to Argus Eyes’ growing legacy.

Did you see the product done by Argus Eyes? Let us know what you thought.

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