Azealia Banks, Rihanna Get PLUR With Sea-Punk Influenced Performances and Videos

So, I don’t want to say I predicted it – though I did – but sea-punk is slowly becoming more and more prominent in mainstream music outlets, most recently thanks to both Azealia Banks and Rihanna.

Oddly, in the span of the same week, Banks released a trippy sea-punk inspired video for her track ‘Atlantis’ and Rihanna gave a similar performance on Saturday Night Live that involved a green-screen and lots of sea-punk imagery.

For those confused, Sea Punk deals more with the overall aesthetic of an artist, but is often associated with versions of EDM, like those of chippytune and other, more uptempo and lighter, kind of electronic music.

The video for Banks’ “Atlantis” track, off the Fantasea mixtape, can be seen above.

For those within the underground music scene and who have been involved with a genre like sea punk for a bit of time, this new interest in the genre by mainstream artists is being seen more as an intrusion and commercialization of a genre that many of the artists using it know nothing about.

Rihanna performed her song “Diamonds” on Saturday Night Live with a sea punk-inspired performance, which can be see below. Some are saying, however, that Rihanna’s performance marks the official death of sea punk and any “edge” it had as an underground genre.

In turn, the performance of “Diamonds” on Saturday Night Live is actually being considered one of the highest performance moments in Rihanna’s career, with critics citing her improved vocal performance and overall ‘cool’ aesthetic.

What are your thoughts on sea punk? Let us know in the comments below.


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