Phlo Finister May Be The Best New Thing to Happen in R&B And Already Wants Out The Game.

The Poster Girl EP Cover.

The “Poster Girl” EP Cover.

A lot of interesting things are happening with Phlo Finister this week.

She just released the first real single off of her Poster Girl EP, a slow tune titled “Hotel Miami”, while also prepping to release the official video for the single and the tracklisting for Poster Girl all this week, in support for the EP’s release on December 21st.

Oh, and she’s announced that she’s planning on leaving the music industry to explore her work as a designer and photographer after Poster Girl and her debut album Youthquaker in early 2013.

“Hotel Miami”, which can be heard below, features Finister cooing over and riding a bumpy beat courtesy of Benny Cassette that features the singer sounding as soulful as she’s ever sounded.

She’s completely believable in her desire for love, even if it comes down to just being her lover’s call girl for just one in his luxury hotel room. “Meet me at the top floor, Room 2012…”

When it comes to just why Finister is leaving the music business, she posted a note to her fans in a Frank Ocean kind of way, posting nothing more than a screencaptured note through her tumblr page.

The note, below, details how though she feels she has a gift in her singing, but troubles in 2012 have left her worrisome about pursuing a career in the current state of the music industry. To quote Finister, she knows that there are “millions of great artists in the world who’ve never been discovered… I’m starting to realize I’m one of them.”

As the note also mentions though, her stepping away from the game (for now) will not affect the release of the projects she had been working on. Her debut album Youthquaker, which has been in the works for a while now, is set to see its release in either early or Spring 2013, while Poster Girl  sees a release on 12/21/12, according to Finister’s twitter.

Even if the material will be limited, what we’ve heard sounds promising. The first track revealed from the Poster Girl EP was “A Million Flowers”, which can be heard below, and is a haunting heavy hitter that easily foreshadowed the mixture of grooving production and floaty melodies found in Finister and Benny Cassette’s work, resulting in some of the finest R&B to come out in years.

Still though, there may be some hope that we won’t be seeing the latest of Phlo Finister anytime soon.

The reception to “Hotel Miami” has seen Tumblr and Twitter blow up with praise for the young singer’s style and voice.

Most recently, Finister tweeted about exciting things in the near future for her music, saying, “Just got off the phone with my manager Charlie Walk…Great things in the making.”

Hopefully that means Finister hasn’t given up all faith in the industry just yet. Let’s just say that the music world is going to be a better place with a lot more of Phlo Finister in it.

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