Best In 2012 – Wynter Gordon Shows She’s More Than A Beat


Starting off the list is the in-progress series of releases from dance force Wynter Gordon. After finally releasing her debut album With The Music I Die, Gordon has taken on a more alternative route and has worked on a series of four EP’s to be released throughout this year and next.

Though not fully complete – we’ll see the full release of Sanguine next month – the full release of Doleo, the first EP in the series, and what we’ve heard of Sanguine from Gordon’s independently released Human Condition series is extremely promising.

One of the most exciting tracks off the series is also one of the best to come from 2012 – the hyperactive, almost OCD-like energetic assault known as “TKO”. With the Oxymorons, Gordon glides over the rapid-fire style of the beat and takes all of it on, enchanting the listener to take her on.

Doleo has offered us gems like the powerful “Stimela” and others, which can be listened to below, and, from what we’ve heard of Sanguine, stuff like “TKO” makes it likely that Gordon will continue to grow artistically while still maintaining roots in the genre she has found the music success in, dance and electronic music.

The two other parts of the series are expected to come out in 2013, along with the rest of the Sanguine EP slotted for January.

Listen above to here a selection of songs from the EP. 

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