“It’s Been Awhile, … But I’m Here Now” aka Oops, I Haven’t Posted A Lot


So, I haven’t posted in a bit of time – about five months or so. First and foremost, my bad.

Some may know, but  I am a college student and just finished my junior year; the spring semester, of which, has been one of the most difficult yet growing experiences of my life. Fortunately, my school’s paper, which I am now Editor-in-Chief in, just saw it’s most productive year since its creation over 80 years ago, so I haven’t been just sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

I feel as though the most adult thing I can do is to accept any responsibility for any followers leaving due to the lack of updates. That only gives me more fire to post often and to build a stronger connection with people interested in music as much as I am.

As summer comes,  I feel as though this may be the best time to try and bring this back, as an outlet to collect all my thoughts, create a format and platform to show my writing, and to share my taste in music. The latter, truly, being the main reason, as I have still never been able to find a way to perfectly articulate just how much music means to me in my 21 years of life. All I know is that I need it in my life and I need to express all the beautiful feelings music gives me.

According to the stats feature on WordPress, many of you have turned in and continue to read the very few posts up, even many more in the time away than during my time posting and, for that, I’d like to say thank you. I hope you’re ready for some great music and a more active blog.

I’ll be redesigning this all soon and am excited to write more and more.

– Dylan.

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